Workflow is a handy automation tool that’s available for iOS. The tool works with many different apps through the share extension functionality built into iOS 9 and later. With this functionality, you can pass files, URLs, and other data into the Workflow app and then perform operations on the files and data; from there, you can export the work done and back out into another app.

For instance, you can export markdown-formatted text into Workflow from one app, and then have it convert the markdown into rich text and copy to the clipboard or export it to another app.

Read about several workflows that can help improve your productivity, and learn how to create each one inside of the Workflow app.

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Download the Workflow app

Workflow was recently made freely available on the App Store after its acquisition by Apple. Note: It’s unlikely the app will receive many updates, at least in its current form.

1. Share Availability

Share Availability is a built-in workflow in the Workflow app that lets you easily get free times from your calendar for a specific date, and then share those available times with a contact. This workflow is amazing for scheduling meetings and finding your availability for a future day.

To enable this workflow, open the Workflow app and perform these steps.

  1. Tap Gallery at the top of the app.
  2. Tap the Search button in the top right corner.
  3. Search for Share Availability.
  4. Tap the workflow that appears.
  5. Select Get Workflow.

This workflow will appear inside of the Workflow app’s My Workflows section. From there you can tap the workflow, and then tap the Play button at the top to execute it. You’ll be prompted to select a date (Figure A). In a share sheet pop-up, you can choose to message, email, AirDrop, or import the output text of the action into another app.

Figure A

2. File Downloader

If you have ever wanted to download a file on iOS without going through Safari or Mail, as long as you can copy the file download URL, you can do this in the Workflow app.

To begin, create a new workflow by opening the app, selecting the + button in the My Workflows tab, and then selecting the Actions tab to chain the following actions together (Figure B).

  1. Add Get Clipboard.
  2. Add Get Contents Of URL. (If you need to specify advanced settings like the HTTP method or HTTP headers, you can do so under the Advanced section; however, for normal file download operations you can leave those as default.)
  3. Add the Save File action and specify a service, such as Ask Where To Save to be prompted to specify a save location when the action is executed.

Figure B

To run the action, copy a URL that links to a file you’d like to download, launch the Workflow app, select the File Downloader workflow, and then run it. The file will be downloaded, and you’ll be prompted where to save the file that has just been downloaded.

3. Unzip files

If a desktop user sends you a zip file that cannot be natively extracted in iOS, Workflow has you covered. Create a new workflow as you did in the previous step, and then add these actions.

  1. Extract Archive, which has no configuration options.
  2. Save File, which (as before) you’ll configure with the service you wish to export the file to, and optionally check the Ask Where To Save option.
  3. In the Workflow tab, select the gear at the top of the page and ensure the Action Extension option is selected (Figure C). This is required since we’ll need to pass the archive file into this workflow from another app in order to have it unzipped.

Figure C

To use this workflow, follow these steps.

  1. Open an app such as Mail, Messages, or Safari.
  2. Navigate to a zip file that you’d like to open and select the file.
  3. Select the Action button.
  4. Select Run Workflow (Figure D).
  5. Select the Unzip workflow. The file will be passed into the Workflow extension, which will unzip the file and prompt you where to save the unzipped files.

Figure D

Explore what’s possible with Workflow

As you can see by these example workflows, the Workflow app can be used in many ways and from many apps to extend the functionality of apps and make iOS an even more powerful platform for a productive work environment.

Continue to play around with the actions in the Workflow app to create your own unique workflows, or search through the Gallery to find and utilize workflows created by other users. The possibilities are endless.