Quickly get rid of unwanted formatting in Word documents

Removing unwanted formats from a Word document doesn't require a lot of selecting and clicking—learn two quick and easy methods for removing formats.

You can spend a lot of time formatting content in a Word document and then even more time trying to get rid of it! You might select the content and click the appropriate icon or choose an item from the Format menu and continue on through the commands. Fortunately, all that work is unnecessary. There are two quick ways to remove formats:
  • The barebones style is Normal, and that's good to know when you need to get rid of formatting. Simply reset the content's style to Normal by choosing Normal from the Style control or pressing [Ctrl]+[Shift]+N. If you don't mind changing the style, this is an easy way to ditch formatting and start over.
  • If you want to remove only formats applied in addition to a style -- without changing the current style -- press [Ctrl]+Spacebar.