Review: LogMeIn Rescue remote support

IT consultants, support desk technicians, software manufacturers and other technology professionals rely upon LogMeIn Rescue as a proven and secure remote support tool.

LogMeIn Rescue is a leading remote support platform for good reason. IT consultants, support desk technicians, software manufacturers and other technology professionals rely upon the proven and secure remote support tool to improve mean-time-to-repair while reducing support costs.


  • Manufacturer: LogMeIn, Inc.
  • Product: LogMeIn Rescue
  • Remote Device: Windows Vista, XP, Server 2003 (including all 64-bit); Windows ME & 2000; Apple Macintosh OS X 10.4 Tiger and 10.5 Leopard; Windows Mobile 5.0 and 6.0; Symbian 3rd Edition
  • Technician PC: Windows Vista, XP or Server 2003 (all including 64-bit); Windows 2000
  • Subscription: Monthly or annual
  • Free Trial: LogMeIn Rescue
  • Price: $1,188 annually; $129 monthly
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Who's it for?

Help desks, call centers and customer support offices, small and large MIS departments, IT consultants, hardware and software manufacturers, academic institutions and countless other organizations that provide technology support services can use LogMeIn Rescue to speed repair times, close more support tickets and lower costs in the process.

What problem does it solve?

LogMeIn Rescue simplifies remote support. No software, firewall configuration or permissions must be configured in advance. LogMeIn Rescue can be pressed into action on demand with little to no advanced planning. Users requiring support from technicians in remote locations must only navigate to and click a button enabling the remote technician to take control of his or her computer. Technicians then receive quick access to a potent, secure and fast remote support console, including chat capability, to troubleshoot, diagnose and correct problems.

Standout features

  • Rapid response: No advance planning is required to leverage LogMeIn Rescue's real-time remote control functionality. No complex firewall rules, no specific permissions and no preinstalled application are required to enable technicians to utilize LogMeIn Rescue's remote control features, connect remotely to problematic systems and perform repairs.
  • Cost: Organizations tasked with providing technology support may be tempted to implement less-expensive solutions. However, poor support experiences have been shown to prompt as many as 80 percent of customers to switch service providers. When troubleshooting a frustrating or anxiety-provoking issue, technical support staff must take no gamble. All prudent organizations must take appropriate steps to eliminate as many variables in the troubleshooting process as possible, and ensuring a capable, reliable and secure remote control solution is in place is but fundamental.With pricing less than $1,200 per year per LogMeIn Rescue license, and with research suggesting that 80 percent of delivery support costs originate from customer resolution incidents, LogMeIn Rescue provides technical operations with the ability to shorten repair cycles, close more trouble tickets using less staff and reduce travel expenses.
  • Concurrent session support: LogMeIn Rescue's multi-session remote control console supports managing up to 10 action sessions simultaneously. As a result, a single technician can manage multiple incidents concurrently. The software also permits creating, viewing and exporting session histories and notes to help track previous and current incidents.
  • Stable, reliable and consistent: LogMeIn's tools and utilities, from its LogMeIn remote access software to its Hamachi VPN application, are proven stable and reliable. This is true even if remote computers must be rebooted; LogMeIn Rescue maintains active, secure connections to sessions as remote systems are restarted. LogMeIn Rescue can even connect to remote systems booted in "Safe" mode. Further, LogMeIn Rescue services are maintained within a carrier-grade data center possessing redundant power sources, fire detection systems and 24x7 networking monitoring.
  • Security: Organizations bound by security regulations can employ LogMeIn Rescue with confidence. Sessions invoke end-to-end 256-bit SSL encryption, thereby meeting HIPAA, SOX and other regulatory requirements. Organizations can also create administration groups and assign different permissions, as required, to different personnel utilizing the remote troubleshooting and repair console. And, when remote sessions are complete, access rights are automatically revoked.
  • Multiple OS support: LogMeIn Rescue works on a variety of platforms. Technicians can connect from a wide variety of Windows operating systems. Supported client operating systems include many Windows flavors, Apple Macintosh computers and many mobile devices.

What's wrong?

  • Linux not officially supported: LogMeIn Rescue does not support Linux. There is no official support for connecting to or from LogMeIn Rescue sessions using Linux, either on the desktop or a server. While it's reasonable to assume some technology professionals, enterprise IT staff in particular, may use Linux as their workstation operating system, it's highly likely this issue will impact only a very small minority of technicians.
  • Requires Internet connectivity: Occasionally, technicians must troubleshoot failed Internet or network connectivity for remote users, whether those users are across the building, a campus or a country. And, on rare occasions, technicians' offices lose Internet connectivity. In such cases, LogMeIn Rescue may prove incapable of restoring service, as the remote control software relies upon active network and Internet connections to fulfill its functionality.

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Bottom line for business

Few technology products are essential. LogMeIn Rescue, however, is a tool most every technology support professional should not be without. The remote support utility enables fast diagnosis and resolution, frequently saves travel costs, helps overwhelmed technology staff to more efficiently and more effectively close trouble tickets, works on multiple operating system platforms, is secure and is easy-to-use. That's a powerful combination for any and all organizations assuming technology support responsibilities.

User rating

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