Is one-way connection to Internet safe?

By janicmx ·
My company network security people plan to start sending a subset of servers security log information to an external party on the Internet.
They claim that our servers on the internal network will be safe since this is only one-way communication out to a single address on Internet using https.

However, I am not 100% sure?
Can we still be infected even though this is a one-way communication out to Internet?
I've heard that some malware / worms can come through despite this being a one-way communication.

Thanks, Mike
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by estafghto In reply to Is one-way connection to ...
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Network security

by itasapemail In reply to Is one-way connection to ...

The answer is no. If you never connect to internet, you are 100% safe from hackers. There is no way someone can hack your information without physical access.

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Yes, use firewall rules

by azeem28 In reply to Is one-way connection to ...

You can block all ingress ports and enable just the egress port which will be sending the logs. By configuring the rules in the firewall properly, you can connect your server to the internet and keep it secure.

However, your security logs being sent out might be at risk depending upon the security level of the application used to send the logs and the security level of receiving party.

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Security breaches possibilities comes with the networking and internet

by aishakf7 In reply to Is one-way connection to ...

If you are connected to Cyber world then there is no Guarantee that you are safe by any means. There comes Threats and Breaches at every layer of the OSI model ,and Adversary would try to Exploit your Vulnerability at any open loop hole , so as according to first rule of security " always be paranoid about it" and Try to implement security whether its one way connection to internet or LAN.

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No, it is not

by Catherine_J In reply to Is one-way connection to ...

One way internet connection is not safe because it can put your data at risk and increase the chances of data loss.

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