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In recent years, organizations across sectors have looked to use Bluetooth beacons for a host of asset-tracking applications. Apple’s iBeacon allowed retailers to revolutionize their approach to customer engagement as well as the traditional shopping experience. General Electric designed lighting equipped with low-energy Bluetooth beacons allowing companies to track potential customers as they peruse the shopping aisles. Hotels are designing buildings with Bluetooth beacons to pinpoint specific location information to enhance safety for staffers.

Now, real-time asset management company Apptricity has announced a Bluetooth beacon capable of connecting “devices 20x farther than any competitor.”

On Wednesday, Appricity announced the launch of what it is calling a 20-Mile Ultra Long-Range Bluetooth beacon. In a press release, the company said the beacon is capable of transmitting data up to 20 miles in outdoor environments and can penetrate as many as 20 floors inside of buildings.

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“Our new 20-Mile Ultra Range Bluetooth is a significant technology breakthrough” said Tim Garcia, CEO of Apptricity. “Many of our global customers were struggling with the range and costs of connecting most of their (Internet of Things) IoT assets, so I challenged our engineers to develop a lower cost Bluetooth tracking solution that could cover at least 10 miles. They exceeded expectations. We were able to pick up the signal from over 20 miles and are working with our engineers to see how much farther we can take this technology.”

Compared with other inventory tracking solutions, namely LTE mobile and satellite beacons, the cost of ownership is up to 90% less expensive with its new long-range Bluetooth beacon, Apptricity said. Initially, the company said it plans to target local governments and municipalities looking to track assets such as fire trucks, police cruisers, maintenance vehicles, ambulances, and more.

The company also believes healthcare is another key industry to target with its long-range Bluetooth beacon capabilities, enabling hospitals to track critical medical equipment such as ventilators and heart monitors. Other potential markets include manufacturing, warehouse, transportation, distribution, pet care, and construction, according to Apptricity.

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“Having been a supplier and partner of the United States Military for the past 15 years, we have been able to attract an amazingly talented technical team to create world-class products. We are able to leverage the technology we have needed to solve the global challenges of our Military and apply those solutions to the commercial sector, helping companies like Verizon and Brinks globally track, monitor, and manage their critical assets and inventory,” Garcia said.