55% of US workers experience job burnout

The majority of workers say job burnout directly correlates to employee satisfaction, according to a study from the University of Phoenix.

Top 5 ways to avoid IT burnout

More than half (55%) of US employees said they experience job burnout, according to a University of Phoenix report released on Thursday. The report surveyed more than 2,000 workers to determine rates of job burnout, and the major causes behind them.

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Job burnout can result from a multitude of factors, including a heavy workload, workplace stress, low job satisfaction, and a lack of recognition from higher ups, the report found. Only 44% of US adults said they were satisfied with their jobs, according to the report, and 86% of workers said they felt burnout was directly connected to job satisfaction.

Feelings of dissatisfaction with the workplace can oftentimes have severe results, the report found. The majority of respondents said they view anxiety (67%), fatigue (66%), depression (58%), and anger (55%) as signs of job burnout.

"It begins with us. If you feel you are experiencing burnout, take steps to address it, including having discussions with your manager, taking time off or speaking with a mental health professional," Dean Aslinia, chair for the counseling/mental health counseling program at the University of Phoenix, said in a press release.

Companies can avoid employee burnout in a number of ways, reported TechRepublic contributor Tom Merritt. Between delegating tasks to automation, training employees on how to handle stress, simplifying processes, fostering supportive relationships, and spending time on preventive system maintenance, organizations can help stop the problem before it even begins.

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The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • More than half (55%) of employees said they experience job burnout. -- University of Phoenix, 2019
  • The majority of respondents said anxiety (67%), fatigue (66%), depression (58%), and anger (55%) are all signs of job burnout. -- University of Phoenix, 2019

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