When Coinbase ($COIN) went public on April 14, stock market analysts dubbed it “a rocket,” as it closed 50% higher than the previous day. If anything, this was a signal of things to come and Coding Dojo set out to research five companies with highly anticipated IPOs and it compiled open engineering and development roles: Robinhood, Nextdoor, Instacart, Stripe and UiPath.

Coding Dojo initially compiled open engineering and development roles at the five companies using a Boolean search string on Then it used StackShare to compile a list of the tech tools used by each to identify the technologies developers need to know to get hired at these companies. Even considering that new tech and projects at cutting-edge, fast-paced tech companies frequently come and go, the research does provide a roadmap for what skills, tools and languages developers need to know if they want to get hired at a dream company. Since Coding Dojo offers training courses for the software developer, data scientist and tech roles, gathering and announcing the results fits comfortably into the company’s mission statement. In other words, they offer programs and courses for some of the most competitive, in-demand jobs.

Whether you choose to attend one of the campuses around the country or online, Coding Dojo courses are available online and on-ground at campuses across the U.S. These courses can help prepare you to get a job at some of the most innovative companies in the world.

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High level findings revealed at the five companies

  • Total open engineering roles: 266
  • Total tech tools used: 110
  • Average valuation: $37M
  • Largest application and data stack: Instacart, 26
  • Largest DevOps Stack: Robinhood, 24
  • Top Languages: Python (used by 40% of the companies), Ruby
  • Top Frameworks: Bootstrap (used by 60% of the companies), Django, React
  • Top DevOps Tools: GitHub (used by 60% of the companies), CircleCI, Jenkins
  • Top Utilities: Google Analytics (used by 80% of the companies), ElasticSearch, Amazon Route 53

Image: Coding Dojo

“Luckily for developers or workers interested in pivoting into the tech industry, the hiring slowdown due to COVID-19 is in the rear view mirror,” according to Coding Dojo‘s website.

It also reported that there were many career opportunities at each company examined. The businesses profiled continue to scale and prepare for their 2021 IPO.

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The tech sector also continues to look for talent. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the demand for software developers will grow by 22% (much higher than average) and demand for web developers and digital designers to grow by 8% by 2029.

Open dev/engineering roles by company, according to Coding Dojo:

  • Robinhood: 35
  • Nextdoor: 17
  • Instacart: 44
  • Stripe: 146
  • UiPath: 24

Image: Coding Dojo

The 26 tools and technologies used at Instacart are only for its website, but the stack for the Instacart mobile application includes many of the same technologies. Developers with experience and skills using any of these tools will be poised to land a job at the increasingly popular grocery delivery company.

As the youngest company in this report, Robinhood (founded April 18, 2013), historically hasn’t had a large DevOps team. As of 2016, the entire department was only two people. When it goes public, it will obviously be changing; the organization continues to scale its mobile application and web services.