Image: Apple

Have you been looking at all the best iPhones or trying to decide which iPad you should choose? A lot of other people certainly have, which means there is no better time for experienced coders to learn how to design and develop Apple apps. Swift 5.5 Hacking iOS 15 App Development with SwiftUI 3 & Xcode 13 will not only teach you how to create high-quality iOS apps but also iPadOS, Apple Watch, and even desktop macOS applications.

This course is designed to show you how to become an advanced developer of apps on multiple platforms using SwiftUI, which is Apple’s native framework for user interfacing. The class takes a project-based approach to learning the concepts of programming. You can create several hands-on applications during the course, resulting in improved skills for app development and design.

You won’t just learn all about SwiftUI 3, Xcode 13, and iOS 15, either. There is also Async, Apple’s Catalyst framework for the development of macOS desktop apps, and a lot more. Of course, you’ll learn how to create customized user interfaces within the SwiftUI 3 framework. But you’ll learn to integrate MapKit, AVFoundation and various other iOS frameworks.

You will be able to publish your iOS and macOS apps to Apple’s App Store or use them as a high-quality portfolio when applying for iOS developer jobs. Buyers have been very happy with what they’ve learned in this course, rating it 4.6 out of five stars. It’s presented by John Bura, a top-rated instructor who has contributed to 40 commercial games so far, several of which have reached number one in the App Store.

You really don’t want to pass up this opportunity to learn the Swift 5 programming language and develop apps for iOS 15 iPhone and iPad with gorgeous layouts and design, so grab the Swift 5.5 Hacking iOS 15 App Development with SwiftUI 3 & Xcode 13 course today while it’s on sale for just $19.99 (normally $200).

Prices subject to change.