Months into the coronavirus pandemic, COVID-19 continues to reshape the day-to-day operations for organizations around the globe. In recent months, businesses have adopted remote work policies to reduce the spread of COVID-19. This shift introduces technical challenges as well as security risks for IT teams overseeing a remote workforce. 

At the same time, some organizations are incorporating entirely new workflows to safely bring employees back to the traditional office. To do so presents both logistical and social challenges. From accounting considerations to IT budget trends, these checklists, policies, and reports are designed to provide organizations with the necessary resources for the new normal of business.

COVID-19: A guide and checklist for restarting your business

A number of organizations have adopted remote work policies to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. In recent weeks, many companies are beginning to bring employees back on-site. With a vaccine still months away, conducting in-person operations will require new proactive measures and protocols to ensure public safety. This COVID-19 guide and checklist outlines best practices to enable businesses to reopen safely as COVID-19 continues to spread globally. Furthermore, this resource will act as a guide to assist organizations with efficiency and public health considerations at the forefront of their reopening strategy.

COVID-19 workplace policy

Reopening amid an ongoing pandemic will require organizations to clearly outline their day-to-day operations. This will also include detailing specific protocols and expectations related to employee conduct and behavior to eliminate the risk of confusion. Establishing clearly defined procedures will ensure employees are informed about safety measures and help reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 on-site in the weeks and months ahead. The general scope of the COVID-19 workplace policy covers exempt and nonexempt employees as well as contract workers, temporary workers, consultants, guests, vendors, and more.

Managing accounts payable operations during COVID-19 policy

TechRepublic Premium’s Managing Accounts Payable Operations During COVID-19 policy outlines the procedures and best practices organizations should implement to pay approved invoices during the coronavirus pandemic. These approved invoices include authorized vendors, consultants, suppliers, contractors, and more. Furthermore, the policy also details pandemic-related protocols intended to ensure safety while paying, submitting, or completing other accounts payable duties. For added customization, organizations are able to tailor the policy to fit their specific needs.

2021 IT budget research report: COVID-19's impact on projects and priorities

Cybersecurity attacks have surged amid the coronavirus pandemic. At the same time, the shift to remote work also increases potential security risks as employees logon from their home networks and personal devices. However, due to economic uncertainty and COVID-19, organizations may face difficult decisions regarding IT budgets while simultaneously embracing remote work in the months ahead. The 2021 IT budget research report details the findings of a recent TechRepublic Premium survey. The survey’s key findings illustrate the ways in which the coronavirus pandemic has impacted IT budgets and where organizations plan to shift spending moving forward.

Research: Digital transformation plans shift due to COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated digital transformation across industries. To assist with remote work and COVID-19 public health recommendations, companies must now leverage a vast suite of technologies to interact with their employees and customers. This report details the results of a recent TechRepublic Premium survey designed to better understand the ways in which COVID-19 has affected digital transformation strategies across industries in the short-term and long-term.