Images: ASUS

At CES 2021, ASUS just announced an expansion in its router product line by introducing the RT-AX68U, a Wi-Fi 6 router, which supports the company’s new Instant Guard security app, also included with the purchase of RT-AX68U.

Designed for the home, RT-AX68U is a Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) router that features a 3×3 MIMO antenna configuration for wireless speeds of up to 2,700Mbps. It’s designed to offer Wi-Fi coverage and stable connections for several devices. The Instant Guard app comes with the router and allows users to secure a public Wi-Fi connection with a click.

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ASUS said it discovered that more members in a household have multiple devices so it designed its router to accommodate an entire household. It uses OFDMA, a new technology in Wi-Fi 6 in which signals travel farther than they did with Wi-Fi 5. The vertical design incorporates a 3×3 MIMO antenna configuration to achieve those longer signals by using three antennas and three separate data streams. It also features beamforming, which focuses the signal toward each device.

A whole-home mesh can be created with RT-AX68U, which supports ASUS AiMesh. Additional AiMesh-capable routers can be added as needed.

Instant Guard mobile app

The new ASUS Instant Guard service is a single-click solution to turn any public Wi-Fi connection into a secure and private one. As anyone in cybersecurity will tell you, using public Wi-Fi can be a huge risk (and they pretty much always advise against using it), as it is the focus of many hackers who intercept communications and steal private data over unsecured connections. Instant Guard uses a virtual private networking (VPN) technology to create a secure encrypted data tunnel to RT-AX68U over public Wi-Fi. With this method, all Wi-Fi communications are guarded against public views.

VPNs can still allow third-party violations, but Instant Guard uses a VPN server that runs on the RT-AX68U. This enhances security further and is included in the price. It’s not always easy to configure third-party VPNs, but ASUS said Instant Guard is user friendly; setup takes just a single click, and “needs no technical know-how,” said ASUS’ promotional material.

There is a cost-free lifetime ASUS AiProtection antivirus feature built into RT-AX68U, which helps filter out access to malicious websites, preventing infection even before any accidental clicks. ASUS reported that Instant Guard will also be available in selected new ASUS routers to be later this year.

ASUS stressed the styling of the router, designed to streamline external antennas for maximum performance, and the device to fit well into a home’s decor. It’s available in North America now, but for the retail price, ASUS suggests those interested contact a local ASUS representative.