On Wednesday, the Consumer Technology Association announced that CES 2022 will be held in person in Las Vegas from January 5-8, 2022. CES 2021 was the first all-digital version of the conference, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Media days for the conference will be January 3-4, 2022.

The announcement said, “CTA will be reviewing guidelines for coronavirus safety measures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in addition to state and local guidelines. CTA will be following applicable federal, state and local laws, adapting CES plans accordingly and sharing updates with its audiences.”

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In 2020, at the last in-person CES, there were 171,268 attendees, including 6,517 members of the media and 4,419 exhibitors. This year, at the all-digital CES 2021, 83,202 people attended, with 5,535 of those media, and there were 1,943 total exhibitors.

So far, about 1,000 companies have said that they will participate in CES 2022. Those companies returning to CES include Amazon, AMD, AT&T, Daimler AG, Dell, Google, Hyundai, IBM, Intel, Lenovo, LG Electronics, Panasonic, Qualcomm, Samsung Electronics and Sony. Companies planning to make a debut at CES 2022 include Caterpillar, Indy Autonomous Challenge and Sierra Space, according to CTA’s announcement.

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Image: Getty/picture alliance