The majority of C-Suite executives and small business owners (SBOs) agree cyber security risks increase with remote workers, according to Shred-it’s State of the Industry Report, released Wednesday. Shred-it’s report unveils information security risks currently threatening businesses and features survey results conducted by Ipsos.

When studying the cause of cybersecurity breaches, 47% of CXOs and 42% of SBOs cited accidental loss or employee negligence as the top reason, according to the report.

“The study’s findings clearly show that seemingly small habits can pose great security risk and add up to large financial, reputational and legal risks,” said Shred-it vice president Monu Kalsi in the press release. The findings led many companies to plan information security trainings at the office to better protect employee networks.

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However, the report found, 86% of business executives agreed data breaches are more likely to occur when employees are working out of office. While CXOs do have security plans in place for these occurrences, only 35% of SBOs currently have a policy for storing or deleting confidential data remotely, and 54% of SBOs have no policy whatsoever, said the report.

Respondents do have recommendations on how to keep information safe while employees are working off-site, which many CXOs are already teaching employees. In the report, the highest voted best practices were:

  1. Keep sensitive data out-of-sight in public spaces
  2. Be careful sharing devices with friends or family
  3. Place company-issued devices away from children and pets
  4. Be wary on public Wi-Fi
  5. Immediately report a lost or stolen electronic device

With the number of remote employees increasing in most industries, especially in tech, CXOs should be aware of the security risks associated with off-site work.

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Building a slide deck, pitch, or presentation? Here are the big takeaways:

  • C-Suite executives (47%) and small business owners (42%) list employee negligence or accidental loss as the top reason for data breaches. — Shredit, 2018
  • While 86% of executives agree data breaches are more likely to occur with remote workers, only 35% of small business owners have a plan for keeping information secure off-site. — Shredit, 2018