Google Chrome will let you organize your browser tabs and tame the chaos: Here's how

Google Chrome will soon let users group, label and color-code browser tabs to help bring some order to their internet activity.

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Google Chrome is introducing a new feature to help tab hoarders keep track of all their open web pages. The new tab groups feature, which is now available in the beta version of Google Chrome, allows users to organize tabs under custom labels and even color-code them with just a couple of clicks.

Google says it has been working on a way to help Chrome users organize browser tabs for months. Based on feedback, the new tab groups feature has been designed to help Google Chrome users keep track of tasks based on how urgent they are - "ASAP, "this week" or "this month", for example - or split tabs depending on what they're being used for.

For instance, users might want to separate tabs from shopping or review websites from those being used for work. Alternatively, tab groups can help users keep track of projects they're working on, for example by categorizing tabs under "haven't started," "in progress," "need to follow up" and "completed". 


Google Chrome will let users group, label and color-code browser tabs.


So, how does the new feature work? As you'd expect from Google Chrome, it's remarkably straightforward: simply right click on a tab, hit 'Add Tab to Group' and then create a new label, or add it to an existing group. From there, you can label your tab groups with a custom name and color, then move and reorder them on the tab strip. You can even use emojis as group names, should you so choose.

Google said tab groups will remain in Chrome Beta while it tests the stability and performance of the new feature, but plans to roll the feature out to the upcoming version of Google Chrome from next week. The feature will be available in the desktop version of Chrome for Windows, Mac, Linux and, of course, Chrome OS.

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Those who just can't wait to get organizing can download the latest version of Google Chrome Beta to preview tab groups right now.

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