Job searchers can now see salary ranges for open positions in Google for Jobs, the company announced Wednesday in a blog post.

Designed to increase efficiency in the job search process, the new tool will give people looking at jobs access to an estimated salary range directly in Search, according to the blog.

Google estimates over 85% of job postings don’t list a salary for the open position. For those not listing a salary initially, Google will pull statistics from popular employment sites like Glassdoor and LinkedIn to estimate a salary range. If a posting does include a salary, the range will be included for comparison.

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With the update, Google is also improving location and application settings.

Inspired by user feedback, the tool now has a location filter, where users can set a distance range up to 200 miles around a location or click an “anywhere” button if they’re open to relocate. Only jobs in that range will appear in the search results.

Since businesses often post jobs on multiple employment sites, users now have the option to select a default employment site to work through if Google finds the posting in multiple spots. This can be helpful for applicants who have spent time building an online resume on a career website and don’t want to repeat the process if they don’t have to.

Users will also be able to save individual job postings in a few weeks, according to the post. Users will tap a button on a job to save it, and all saved jobs will be grouped in their own tab.

Google for Jobs, which rolled out in June 2017, works within Search. If a user searches for jobs within a specific area or field, a special section would show applicable job openings at the top of the results. The tool can streamline the job search, allowing job options to be immediately viewable upon searching for them. It also pulls postings from a variety of sites so applicants can have a better idea of what is available.

The 3 big takeaways for TechRepublic readers

  1. Google is adding estimated salary ranges to its job search feature, Google for Jobs.
  2. It’ll pull salary ranges from employment sites like LinkedIn and Glassdoor to create the estimate, which will be shown regardless of if a posting already includes a salary.
  3. Additional new features include a location filter and the option to set a default application site if a job is posted in multiple locations. A way to save individual jobs is in the works.