While the coronavirus crisis has halted many companies’ hiring processes, it has also put many employees out of work. When the COVID-19 chaos subsides, professionals will be on the hunt for jobs, which means companies need to be ready. 

Hiring employees is stressful, especially in the tech world, where a fine balance of technical skills and soft skills are necessary. Locating the right talent for your organization is challenging, but TechRepublic Premium hiring kits can place organizations on the right path.

These TechRepublic Premium hiring kits give recruiters and human resource teams the tools necessary to compose job descriptions, locate an appropriate salary range, formulate effective interview questions, and craft necessary job advertisements for top tech developers and engineers.

Hiring Kit: .NET developer

If your company runs a lot of software applications on Microsoft’s .NET framework, you may be searching for a .Net developer to maintain, test, and develop those programs. This hiring kit outlines the qualifications necessary for a .NET developer candidate and helps create a solid job description to put on your site. It also suggests potential interview questions that will guide hiring managers to locate the best talent.

Hiring Kit: Python developer

As one of the most popular programming languages of all time, Python is often used in organizations since it can be implemented across a wide variety of use cases. Since the language can be used for so many different projects, searching for a candidate that can work with an organization’s specific Python use case can be difficult. The Python developer hiring kit helps organizations determine what they need Python developers for, and how to communicate those needs to prospective hires. The hiring kit even provides an example of a “want ad” for organizations to model.

Hiring Kit: Computer Hardware Engineer

One of the most critical members of any organization, computer hardware engineers are the employee responsible for making digital devices run. However, this job is difficult, so finding the candidates with the right technical expertises and engineering experience can be a challenge. This hiring kit helps organizations hire the best entry- and mid-level computer hardware engineering talent out there. With example job descriptions, suggested competencies and experiences, specific interview questions, and more, the hiring kit is all you need to find the perfect hire.

Hiring Kit: Security architect

Cybersecurity is at the forefront of mind for every organization connected to the internet. As more companies digital transform, new threat vectors also surface. To help find the optimum security architect for your organization, the security architect hiring kit offers appropriate salary ranges and detailed example job descriptions. The kit even provides 10 recommended interview questions, along with the best responses a top candidate could give.

Hiring Kit: Blockchain Engineer

Blockchain has moved past its association with cryptocurrency and is now a strategic component of application development. Since this development is relatively new, finding the perfect blockchain engineer isn’t as easy. The blockchain engineer hiring kit explains the duties and responsibilities this role currently demands, as well as the desired competencies and experiences a company would want from a candidate. As with other hiring kits, this one also offers sample interview questions and a model want advertisement for the role.