Building a slide deck, pitch, or presentation? Here are the big takeaways:

  • LinkedIn has formally rolled out organic native video for company pages, making video sharing available to all companies and publishers.
  • LinkedIn company page video is 5x more likely to start user conversations than other content types, according to company data.

On Thursday, professional social network LinkedIn announced that it was bringing native video ads for sponsored content and organic native video to company pages. According to a LinkedIn marketing blog this means that video sharing is now available to “all companies and publishers.”

While companies used to have to share links from video sharing sites like YouTube on their LinkedIn pages, now they can embed the content directly. And the process is pretty simple.

At the top of your company LinkedIn feed, in the box where you’d normally post a text or photo update, you should now see an option for video uploads. Click where it says Video.

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Upon clicking Video, a pop-up window will open showing your computer’s file directory. Simply select the video file you wish to upload and click Open. Once the video is embedded into the status update, click Publish.

Upon publishing the video, you can see how its performing by clicking the Show stats button on the bottom right of the live post itself. It looks like this:

Clicking Show stats will open a drop-down window that will show the organic reach of that particular video. Users can view impressions, views, clicks, engagement, and social action.

According to the LinkedIn blog, company page videos are 5x more likely to start conversations among LinkedIn members than any other type of content shared. Some examples of video subjects for businesses include showcasing company culture, products, news, and events.

The rollout for company page videos has begun and will be available to all businesses “in the next few weeks,” according to the blog.