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If you use Trello for project management and try to work Notion into the mix as a repository for team information, you’ll be glad to know you can sync those cards to Notion to make things even more accessible. By doing this, you can make Notion your go-to for checking the status of cards while still having easy access to all those databases.

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This feature is built right into Notion, so there’s no intermediary software to install. All you have to do is add the connection and you’re good to go. Once you’ve taken care of the connection, you might find your workflow has been ever-so-slightly simplified.

What you’ll need to connect Trello to Notion

To make this work, you’ll need valid Trello and Notion accounts. I’ll be demonstrating on the Notion desktop app (running on Pop!_OS Linux), but you can achieve this task on the macOS or Windows desktop app or even the web version of the service.

How to connect Trello to Notion

Open Notion and log in to your account. You’ll then see a three-dot menu button in the upper right-hand corner of the window (Figure A).

Figure A

The Notion menu button is right before your eyes.

From the resulting pop-up menu (Figure B), click Add Connections.

Figure B

The Notion pop-up menu in action.

In the pop-up sub-menu (Figure C), click Manage Connections.

Figure C

The Add Connections sub-menu in Notion.

From the My Connections window (Figure D), click Show All.

Figure D

The My Connections window in Notion.

After clicking Show All, you should see Trello listed (Figure E).

Figure E

There are several connections you can make in Notion from this window.

Click Connect and you will then be prompted to log in to your Trello account. Once you’ve successfully logged in, you’ll be asked to give Notion access to your Trello account. Click Allow to give Notion the necessary permissions.

Close the My Connections window. The next step is to import your Trello boards into Notion. For this, look at the bottom of the left pane for the Import button (Figure F).

Figure F

The Import button is in the left sidebar.

In the resulting window (Figure G), click Trello.

Figure G

You can import several services into Notion.

You’ll again be prompted to give Notion access to Trello. Click Allow and then select the boards you wish to import from the resulting list (Figure H).

Figure H

A list of Trello boards that I can import into Notion.

Select any and all boards you want to be added to Notion, then click Import. You should almost immediately see those boards listed in the Private section of the Notion left sidebar (Figure I).

Figure I

I’ve imported the Production and Books boards from Trello into Notion.


That’s all there is to connecting Notion to your Trello account. If you use both services, I highly recommend giving this option a try to see if it simplifies your project management workflow.

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