How to create a custom search engine in Vivaldi

Searching your favorite website just got easier with Vivaldi, where you can create a custom search engine specifically for a site.

How to add a custom search engine in Vivaldi

Most of the time, when you run a search in your web browser, you take the Google route. You type whatever you're searching for in the address bar and hit Enter, scroll through the results, and find the exact information you need. It's simple and effective. But what happens when you want to make use of a particular web page's search feature? Take, for instance, the TechRepublic search tool. To use it, you open your browser, go to TechRepublic, click on the SEARCH button, type your query string into the search field, and hit Enter. Viola. Results.

But what if you could make it far easier? With Vivaldi, not only can you do that, but it's really simple to do. How easy? Let me show you.

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Adding a search engine

If you open Vivaldi, head over to the TechRepublic site and click on the SEARCH field, it will open the actual search tool. Right-click that newly revealed search field and select Add As Search Engine. In the resulting popup, give the new search engine a name and an optional nickname. I highly recommend adding the nickname, as it will make the search process even easier. Once you're done, click Add, and the search engine is ready to go.

To use the new search engine, open a new tab in Vivaldi, type the search engine nickname in the address bar, followed by a space. After the space, type the search string you want to use and hit Enter. Viola. Results. The TechRepublic page will open with the answer to your search query at the ready.

That's all there is to adding a custom search engine to the Vivaldi web browser. You've just empowered your web searches to work with your favorite sites. Web-based research couldn't get any easier. Enjoy a more efficient search experience.

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Image: Jack Wallen