I depend upon both Google Docs and Google Keep. I write my first draft of every document and book in Google Docs and I keep track of all of my to-dos, notes, shopping lists, and more in Google Keep. But every so often, those two need to interact, by way of copying the contents of a Keep note into Docs. Naturally, one can make use of the tried and true [Ctl]+[C] and [Ctl]+[V] key combinations. But in this modern world, we want something much easier. Fortunately, Google made this happen using the good old drag and drop. That’s right, it is quite possible and easy to drag a Keep note into a Google document.

You might be asking yourself, “How can I drag from a Google Keep tab into a Google Docs tab?” The answer: You can’t. Because that’s not how it works, even if you have each tab in a separate window. This handy interactive feature has a particular path of least resistance, and I’m here to show you just how this is done. It’s a quick and easy tip that’ll save you time and clicks from your already busy day.

Do note: This only works on the desktop version of Google Docs, and not from the mobile app.

Dragging and dropping from Keep

This action is done from within Docs. So open a Google document. From within that window, click Tools | Keep notepad. This will open a Google Keep sidebar (Figure A).

Figure A

There are two ways you can add the contents of a Keep note into a Google document. The first and easiest is by clicking and holding anywhere inside the note, and then dragging it into the document. As you drag the note into the document, you will see a blue marker appear in the left margin, indicating where the note will be placed (Figure B).

Figure B

Once the blue marker is where you want it, release the note and the contents will be added. Do note, the title of the note will also be added. So depending on your needs, the title text may have to be deleted from your document.

The second method is by hovering your cursor over the note to reveal the top right menu button for the note in question. Once that menu button appears, click it and select Add to document from the drop-down (Figure C).

Figure C

Either action will copy the contents of the note into the document. You can then format the contents as needed, and if necessary delete the Keep note. Once you’re done working with Keep in your document, click the X in the upper right corner of the sidebar to dismiss the feature.

Easy integration

And that’s all there is to dragging and dropping from Google Keep to Google documents. If you’re a power user of both, this integration couldn’t be any easier. I’ve found using Keep and Docs this way makes for a very efficient work day–especially when I’m storing frequently used information in Keep that needs to find its way into Google documents.