Asana is an outstanding project management platform that offers just about everything you can imagine, from Kanban boards, lists, timelines, calendars, workflows, dashboards, messages, file management, and more. If you need to collaborate on projects, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more robust platform.

One very powerful feature in Asana is filtering, which allows you to filter tasks by assignee, custom fields, and due dates. But you can also filter by project, which not only allows you to fetch tasks in a single project but span as many projects as you like and even apply additional filters.

The one caveat to this is the filtering task in Asana takes a bit to master; I will show you just how to do it in this step-by-step article. In order to follow these steps, you just need an Asana account and some projects already added.

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How to filter by project in Asana

Log into your Asana account and click on the Search bar near the top-right corner. In the popup menu (Figure A), click Advanced Search.

Figure A

open the search bar at the top of Asana to access advanced search.
The Asana search bar expanded. Image: Jack Wallen

In the resulting popup (Figure B), enter all of your filtering criteria.

Figure B

use the advanced search tool to filter across projects.
The Asana advanced search tool. Image: Jack Wallen

In the field labeled In Any Of These Projects, start typing the name of a project and Asana will auto-fill the project for you. You can add as many projects as you need and filter by attachments, completion status, due date, and even any custom filters you want to add.

Once you’ve completed the form, click Search and Asana will display the results (Figure C).

Figure C

after filtering you get the search results.
The results of my filter by project search. Image: Jack Wallen

Once you’ve run the search, you can save the search results by clicking Save Search and giving it a name (Figure D).

Figure D

Give your search a name when you save it.
Naming a saved search in Asana. Image: Jack Wallen

Once you’ve saved the search, you can copy a link to the results and share it with any of your team members. The one thing to remember is that team members will only be able to see the tasks from projects to which they belong.

To create a sharable link, click the downward-pointing arrow to the right of the search name and select Copy Search Results Link (Figure E).

Figure E

Use the menu to copy the search results link.
Copying the search results link. Image: Jack Wallen

Once you’ve copied the link, you can then share it with any team member.

Any saved search you’ve created will appear in your Asana sidebar under Saved Searches (Figure F).

Figure F

saved and filtered project in Asana.
The search I just saved is accessible at any time. Image: Jack Wallen

And that’s all there is to filtering Asana by Project. This handy feature will not only save you time but also makes it possible for you to create very granular searches that you can call upon at any time. Happy searching!