Image: Cory Bohon/TechRepublic

With the advent of the Files app on iPhone and iPad, saving documents, downloads and more into your iCloud Drive, Dropbox or other file sharing service has become a normal task while on the go.

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The Files app has become more than capable of handling these tasks, and iOS and iPadOS 16 has introduced the ability for organizations to tag and rename files when they are saved. Let’s see how it works.

How to rename, tag and save files at the same time in iOS 16

To begin, you’ll want to navigate to a photo, document, or other file in Safari or another app, then tap the share button to open the Share Sheet. Once you do this, locate the Save To Files action and tap it (Figure A).

Figure A

The Save to Files action is available in the Share Sheet for most photos, documents, and other files in iOS or iPadOS.

In the new dialog that appears, you’ll notice the file name is now editable. Tap into the file name, and rename it to your heart’s content — the extension will automatically be added after it’s renamed, so no need to add the file extension to the name (Figure B).

Figure B

You can rename the file using the text field to the right of the icon.

If you’d like to use a tag for the file in order to better organize and find them in the Files app, tap on the two dots beside the file name to add a tag. You can select from already existing tags, or tap in the field at the top to create a new one for this file in particular (Figure C).

Figure C

Tags can be given unique names when they’re created.

When you tap Save, the file will be saved with the new filename that you’ve chosen and will be tagged with the tag you’ve selected before being uploaded to iCloud Drive. It can also be uploaded to any other file service you’ve selected in the Save dialog. These tags can be used for searching, sorting and filtering in the Files app on iPhone or iPad, or in the Finder on macOS.

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