Infographic: The most important skills needed in the future workforce

As the workforce evolves, so do in-demand skill sets, according to Bongo.

What is robotic process automation and why does it matter to your business?

Employees must gear up for a future of automation, according to a recent infographic from Bongo. In 2018, 71% of task hours were performed by humans and 29% were performed by machines; however, by 2022, only 58% of task hours will be performed by humans, while 42% will be machine-based, according to the statistics in the infographic.

With machines taking so many human tasks in the future, people must adequately prepare for skills that will be relevant at that time. The most important human skills in 2022 will include critical thinking and analysis, complex problem solving, leadership and social influence, emotional intelligence, and active learning and learning strategies, according to the infographic.

Not all jobs will be replaced by artificial intelligence (AI), of course, but humans must take note that most manual tasks will be automated.

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Here is the full infographic:

Image: Bongo

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