Apple’s iOS 11, released in September 2017, got off to a rocky start with a few annoying bugs–including autocorrecting the letter “i” to “A” with a question mark symbol and the “Hey Siri” command randomly not working–but don’t let that overshadow the release’s impressive features. If you want to silence group messages, customize your Control Center, or record your screen, iOS 11 gives Apple users (especially iPad users) many reasons to update to the latest iOS release.

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Here is a list of TechRepublic how-to articles about iOS 11 that will help users get the most out of the update.

Must-read iOS 11 Control Center tips and tricks

After upgrading to iOS 11, you may have noticed your Control Center looks a little different. But did you know you can customize it even more to your liking? This article shows you how to use the screen recording feature, how to add or delete items from your Control Center, and more tricks that can be accessed through the swipe of your thumb.

How to use drag and drop in iOS 11: Three tips for improving your workflow

One of the biggest changes iOS 11 brought was the drag and drop feature. This allows iPad and iPhone users to access the feature too, rather than just OS desktop users as previously. This articles lists three ways drag and drop can enhance your productivity.

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iOS 11 Safari productivity tips: Four hidden features you don’t want to overlook

You most likely use Safari if you’re accessing the web from your iPad or iPhone. This article reveals features within the browser that are hard to find, but worth knowing how to use.

Three iOS 11 iPad features business users are overlooking

Do you use an iPad to conduct a majority of your business? Or even just to check email? This article simplifies the iOS 11 iPad features down to the three you need to know so you can construct email faster, switch between apps swifter, and sign a scanned document using Notes.

How to record your iPhone and iPad screens with iOS 11

If you’ve ever tried to explain how to do something on an iPhone or iPad over the phone, you may have found it difficult to describe. With the iOS 11 screen recording feature, users can now record their screens, edit the video, and send it. This feature is especially useful for recording software bugs or displaying an app’s capability, according to TechRepublic contributing writer Cory Bohon.

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How to use group messaging in the iOS 11 iMessages app

Group messages can be a great way to communicate one message to multiple people at the time, and this feature allows for easier collaboration. This tutorial shows how to manage your group iMessages by adding or removing people from the conversation.

How to use Hide Alerts for individual and group messages in iOS 11

Group messages can quickly become annoying, especially if you’re trying to work on your phone and notifications keep appearing at the top of your screen. The iOS 11 Hide Alerts feature lets you silence individual or group message notifications and avoid distractions.

How to automatically clear storage used by iMessage in iOS 11

If you regularly send and receive photos and videos through iMessage, your storage will start to fill up fast. This article informs you of three options you can choose for your device to avoid running out of storage space.

How to use the Files app in iOS 11 on iPhones and iPads: 4 productivity tips

Get the most out of your Files app by reading this how-to article. You’ll learn how to create, organize, drag and drop files and, ultimately, use the app most effectively.

4 features in Notes for iOS 11 that take note-taking to the next level

Taking notes on pen and paper might be a thing of the past, especially with the new iOS 11 features in Notes. This article outlines the app’s improvements, as well as its new capabilities.