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We all know how useful Google Sheets is. And anyone who works with issue tracking is probably very familiar with Jira. But did you know you can combine these two such that you can quickly export Jira data into Google Sheets spreadsheets?

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This integration app also gives users the power of Jira filters and JQL within Google Sheets. I’m going to show you how to make this happen, with the help of the Jira Cloud for Google Sheets app in Jira.

What you’ll need to integrate Jira and Google Cloud

As you’ve probably already guessed, you’ll need both a Jira and Google account to make this work. Your Jira account must have permission to install apps and your Google account can be the unpaid version of Workspaces.

With those two accounts ready to go, let’s piece them together.

How to integrate Jira and Google Sheets

Before you add the app to Jira, make sure you’ve logged into both accounts from the same web browser. Once you’ve done that, click on the Jira tab in your browser and then click Apps | Explore More Apps.

In the App Market, type “google sheets” in the search field. Three different apps will appear, from which you should click Jira Cloud for Google Sheets (Figure A).

Figure A

The three different Google Sheets apps are available in Jira.

In the resulting window (Figure B), click Get App.

Figure B

Installing the Jira Cloud for Google Sheets app in Jira.

Strangely enough, you will then be prompted to go to the Google Workspace Marketplace and install the Jira Cloud for Sheets app (Figure C), which means you could probably skip the search in Jira altogether. However, it’s good for you to see what’s available in the Jira App Market.

Figure C

Installing the Google Workspace Jira app.

Click Install and, when prompted, click Continue. You will then be prompted to select the correct Google account and then permit Jira to access Google Sheets. In the permission window, click Allow, and then, once the installation completes, close the window.

How to use the integration

Open a Google Sheet spreadsheet you want to work with and click Extensions | Jira Cloud for Sheets | Open (Figure D).

Figure D

Jira Cloud for Spreadsheets has been integrated with Google Sheets.

A new sidebar will open in Google Sheets (Figure E), where you must click Connect.

Figure E

The Google Sheets Jira sidebar.

A new page will open (Figure F), where you must accept the connection.

Figure F

Accepting the Sheets/Jira integration.

Click Accept and then go back to Sheets, where you’ll see the sidebar now includes the Jira integration (Figure G).

Figure G

Jira and Sheets have been officially integrated from within Sheets.

Click Get Issues from Jira and then select Basic from the Import Type drop-down (Figure H).

Figure H

The Get Issues from Jira sidebar makes it easy to pull in the information you need.

Complete the configuration for the issues, selecting the Project, Issue Type, Status, Contains Text, Order By, and Max Issues, and then click Get Issues Now.

The import will start and finish and you should then see the Jira Issues have populated your spreadsheet. Depending on how many issues you pull into the spreadsheet, this could take some time.

And there you go, Jira and Google Sheets are integrated such that you can create Google spreadsheets from Jira issues to help keep your stakeholders better informed.

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