Users can now use an iPad as a second screen with macOS Catalina Sidecar.
Image: Mindjet

The year 2020 will be remembered as the year everyone began working remotely, which is why new features included in MindManager for Mac 13 are so important. The brainstorming, diagramming, and project planning and management application already boasted compelling capabilities back in 2018 and 2019, when I previously covered the software’s creative approach to helping solve common, complex problems.

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MindManager Go is the smartphone app.
Image: Mindjet

Version 13 debuted in the middle of the COVID-19 lockdown. While Q2 2020 software wasn’t selling as well as puzzles or toilet paper, any Mac user needing to develop, document, and deploy creative solutions—a now common predicament—will appreciate new program features that assist overcoming such challenges while working remotely.

MindManager for Mac 13 users can work with maps using iCloud accounts, an important consideration for team members collaborating and forging new initiatives, workflows, projects, and concepts, of which there will be no shortage in 2020 and likely 2021, from multiple locations, including their own homes. New macOS Catalina Sidecar support means users suddenly pressing a spare iPad into duty as a second monitor can use MindManager windows seamlessly within that second display for meetings and presentations.

Apple users with Macs possessing Touch Bars can minimize keystrokes and mouse movements by taking advantage of the application’s improved integration. New sorting options make managing multiple images easier, always an important step when brainstorming new initiatives.

Locating individual tasks and elements is improved, too, thanks to a new Tag View, while the introduction of project costing better assists managers in meeting project demands. Gantt chart creation, already a strength of the mind-mapping programming, has also been tweaked. Planning, collaborating, and actually working projects in the new post-COVID-19 environment will prove just a little easier, though, due to the Gannt adjustments that simplify creating and sharing such charts while also tracking milestones, viewing dependencies, rolling up collected tasks, and editing and adjusting all those elements.

Throw in new Snap capturing, which permits easier collection and placement of links, notes and similar objects, and the new update proves robust. Should you still prefer working with tablets or even a smartphone, version 13 also packs new integration and compatibility with MindManager Go, the mobile app supported on both iOS and Android.

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Although project management is only becoming more difficult in the post-COVID-19 world, take comfort developers are working to refine the solutions we all use to navigate the resulting trials and tribulations. At $349 for a perpetual individual license (upgrades from previous versions are $179), you’ll pay a little more upfront than for an annual subscription to a Microsoft suite. But let’s be honest: You likely already have that suite and are exploring a tool such as MindManager because you’re finding there’s a gap that Microsoft Project and Visio together just don’t fill. That’s where MindManager comes in, and considering the license is perpetual, I believe you’ll find yourself using the application long after it’s paid for itself helping perform cost-benefit analyses (as shown in Figure A) and managing timelines (as shown in Figure B).

Figure A

MindManager can assist in completing cost-benefit analyses.
Erik Eckel

Figure B

MindManager permits tracking project timelines, among many other tasks.
Erik Eckel

All told, MindManager for Mac 13 is different from other apps, such as word processing programs and traditional diagramming tools with which you might be familiar. Thankfully you can kick the tires for free. A fully functional 30-day trial is yours for the asking.