New coronavirus maps show effectiveness of stay-at-home orders and testing data

Business cloud company Domo created global maps showing COVID-19 infection statistics that update every 10 minutes.

How maps are helping track the pandemic

Domo has updated its free interactive coronavirus global tracker with information that includes county-level statistics for every state in the US, as well as stay-at-home orders and testing information.

The maps uses Domo's platform to show the trajectory of the coronavirus. It breaks it down globally by country and locally by US state and county to show the number of confirmed cases, how many people have recovered, how many have died, and who is currently infected. 

Domo updates graphs and figures every 10 minutes, and patterns begin to emerge and demonstrate how effective stay-at-home edicts have been by county and by state.

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"We've seen incredible interest in this free resource as organizations of all kinds seek to quickly understand how the virus is impacting the world in which they operate. Easy access to consumable data can help inform critical decisions and actions that help navigate through this crisis," said Josh James, founder and CEO of Domo, in a press release. "We're seeing hundreds of customers—healthcare organizations, grocers, national retailers, logistics firms and many others—combine the underlying data sets with their own operational data to help them respond more quickly to the changing environment."

Domo's sources for the data include WHO (World Health Organization), CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), John Hopkins University and Worldometer, with the data curated by Enigma.

According to Domo's global tracker, as of March 31, there are 824,517 confirmed cases, with 174,364 people recovered, 40,673 deaths and 609,480 people currently infected. Within the United States, there are 176,233 cases with 6,844 people recovered, 3,432 deaths and 165,957 people currently infected. 

Worldwide, China and South Korea have achieved the "flatten the curve" goal, meaning cases of the coronavirus are not rising exponentially. It presents a daily worldwide chart showing:

  • New cases by day

  • Total cases by day

  • Recent deaths by day

  • Mortality rates by day

New cases for each state reflect data gathered two days ago, the latest cases and the percentage change. The newest sections Domo has added are testing, hospitalization and country statistics. The interactive maps of US counties provide specific information and can be viewed by filtering region or state.

The site is available worldwide for free.

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Image: Domo