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If you’ve always dreamed about working in the well-paid tech industry, but are intimidated by the thought of learning to code, then you’ll be happy to learn that JavaScript is really quite easy to learn. And now you can train at your own pace, even if you are a complete novice, with the very affordable Comprehensive JavaScript Bundle.

The “Complete Introduction to JavaScript” course clearly explains the way JavaScript works. You can be building engaging interactive content well before this class is finished. Then the “JavaScript Useful Code Snippets & Applications” will show you how you can use the same JavaScript over and over instead of writing something new every time. Next, you’ll get lots of experience by creating five mini-applications in the “JavaScript Practice Course.”

Now you have the background to begin learning what you need to know about JavaScript Document Object Model (DOM). “JavaScript DOM Explorer with Mini Applications” will show you the way to interact with it, and you’ll get lots of hands-on practice in the “JavaScript Application Mini Projects” class. Then you get to have loads of fun in “JavaScript DOM Games.”

The bundle finishes up with “JavaScript Objects & OOP with JavaScript” and “Learn HTML5 Canvas Drawing with JavaScript.” You don’t have to finish the entire bundle before you can start looking for work, so be sure to check out all the best resume and interview tips.

Former students are very satisfied with these classes. Verified purchaser Stephenie D. rated the bundle a perfect 5 out of 5 stars. She said: “Excellent course—worth every penny! Informative and helpful and very clear. Very satisfied with this.”

Instructor Laurence Svekis has taught classes in web development and digital marketing strategy for close to two decades. His expertise in innovative technology has also allowed him to gain a great deal of experience creating smart digital solutions for small and enterprise-level businesses.

Take this chance to train for a well-paid tech career. Grab The Comprehensive JavaScript Bundle now while it’s available for only $31 (normally $1,492).

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