Report: The 8 biggest tech hubs in the US

Job site Indeed recently compiled a list of eight US cities that have the largest number of open tech jobs relative to all open positions.

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Research from job site Indeed determined the eight largest tech hubs in the US and--surprise--San Francisco isn't no. 1. However, San Jose, it's Silicon Valley neighbor, did win the highest honor.

The report, part of the Indeed Hiring Lab, examined 51 US metros that had populations of at least 1 million people. Of these metros, Indeed took a look at each city's percentage of local job postings in tech, as well as the change in their percentage share of national job postings in tech.

While the labor markets do differ significantly in these cities, the report found, most of them are known for their high cost of living. Also, the report said that high-paying tech jobs are becoming more concentrated, while their low-paying counterparts are dispersing, leading to inequality and polarization.

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While the report ranked these cities based on their current job openings, it's important to note that their standings could be poised to shift dramatically in the future, as certain cities gain or lose their national share of jobs. Here's a look at the eight biggest tech hubs in the US.

1. San Jose, CA

The San Jose metro area, which the report defined to include Santa Clara and Sunnyvale, is the no. 1 tech hub in the US. Of the jobs postings in San Jose, 19.2% are in tech. However, from 2016-2017, the city's share of national tech jobs has declined by 5.9%.

2. Washington, DC

The share of tech jobs in the DC metro area (Alexandria, Arlington, etc.) sits at 17.4%, according to the report. The hub is also growing slightly, rising 4.5% in terms of its share of national tech jobs.

3. Baltimore, MD

Some 12.9% of the job openings in Baltimore, Columbia, and Towson are tech jobs, the report found. Metro Baltimore's share of national tech jobs is also growing slightly, at a rate of 3.4%.

4. Seattle, WA

The Seattle/Tacoma/Bellevue area boasts 12.5% of its open jobs in tech. And it had the fastest growth rate of the hubs in this list, at 10.7%. Seattle was also recently noted by LinkedIn as the fastest growing market for software engineers, in particular, beating out San Francisco.

5. Raleigh, NC

Raleigh is shrinking pretty heavily in its share of national tech jobs, falling at a rate of 14.6%. Still, the city does have some 11.1% of its open jobs focused on the tech sector.

6. San Francisco, CA

The San Francisco metro area includes San Francisco, Oakland, and Hayward. While 10.9% of San Francisco's open jobs are in tech, the area's share of national tech jobs is dropping at a rate of 7.8%.

7. Austin, TX

The area of Texas that includes Austin and Round Rock has 9.9% of its open jobs in tech. The city's share of US tech jobs is shrinking, but slowly, dropping at a rate of 0.3%.

8. Boston, MA

The greater Boston area, including Cambridge, MA and Newton, NH, is also shrinking in terms of its tech job share, falling by 6.8%. But, 9.4% of the metro area's jobs are in tech.

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