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A free update to Salesforce’s Vaccine Cloud is designed to ramp up the volume of appointments and make it easier for individuals to schedule a shot. According to the company, these changes will help healthcare providers accomplish President Joe Biden’s goal of making vaccines available to all adults in the U.S. by April 19. The company designed the changes to accommodate millions of appointments per day by adding capacity and scale to appointment websites.

The update includes several changes that benefit individuals trying to get a shot. Residents can pre-register to receive a vaccine on their own time via a scalable website, without waiting on hold or frantically refreshing a webpage. When an individual becomes eligible for a shot, he or she is notified via email or SMS. Vaccine Cloud then connects the person to a personalized scheduling process with a one-time use link.

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When the person clicks the link, the webpage shows where and when appointments are available and holds a place in line until an appointment is booked. There are no dependencies on vaccine inventory or need to push people to a virtual waiting room if traffic spikes, according to Salesforce.

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Salesforce worked with Accenture, Deloitte, IBM, KPMG, Coastal Cloud, Infosys, MTX, PolSource, Sense Corp, Silverline, Skedulo, Slalom and Traction on Demand to develop the solution and help customers deploy it. Tina Vidal-Duart, CEO of CDR Health, said her organization has used Vaccine Cloud to deliver more than 40,000 shots per day.

“Our mobile app has been used by over 2 million Floridians to register and schedule testing and vaccination appointments, and Salesforce’s new product enhancements will help facilitate an even more streamlined patient experience as we help vaccinate as many residents as possible before the summer,” Vidal-Duart said.

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Customers use the Vaccine Cloud platform to manage inventory, schedule appointments, conduct public health outreach and monitor outcomes, as Bill Detwiler reported on TechRepublic. The platform also provides services for specialized needs including:

  • The ability for government and public health agencies to pull in data from their existing Salesforce solutions or third-party systems to monitor the effectiveness of vaccination programs
  • The ability for healthcare providers to facilitate and track staff training and education, and handle payments and reimbursements and patient communication related to the vaccine
  • The ability for individuals to share their vaccination or health status

Salesforce’s first product to help companies deal with the pandemic was launched in May 2020 which evolved into for Vaccines. Vaccine Cloud is the latest iteration of the service that helps businesses and governments deal with the pandemic.