DocuSign is now integrated into Slack so that users can send contracts to be signed without leaving the collaboration platform.
Image: Slack

Slack users can now use DocuSign to sign contracts without leaving the collaboration platform. The new DocuSign eSignature for Slack app allows users to request signatures and sign documents within Slack, the companies announced Monday.

Users can send an envelope, use a template, or manage DocuSign accounts without leaving Slack. This new functionality also allows users to send envelopes that include content from Slack, including attached files, images, and other documents. In DocuSign, an envelope is a container for documents that you send to a recipient to sign.

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DocuSign now can display notifications directly in Slack, so that users don’t need to log into email or a DocuSign account to see them. These notifications include:

  • Completions from recipients
  • Comments from other users
  • Documents to sign
  • Documents to view
  • Rejections from recipients
  • Voids from recipients

The integration includes a library of templates for common processes like HR onboarding, sales contracts, and company policies. Users will get real-time notifications when agreements have been signed and be able to send reminders to others about completing the process. Encrypted documents will be automatically archived.

Slack has announced other integrations and partnerships recently including:

  • Atlassian
  • AWS
  • Adobe Creative Cloud app
  • Box
  • Salesforce

As of the end of September 2020, Slack reports 130,00 paid customers, more than 2,300 apps in the App Directory and more than 700,000 custom apps. The company also reports more than 52,000 paid customers for Slack Connect.

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2020 has been a good year for DocuSign. The company’s revenues have been boosted by a sudden urgency to make processes digital. The company had a 61% increase in billings in the second quarter. Total revenue in Q2 was $342.2 million, an increase of 45% year over year.

DocuSign plans to launch a collaborative notary function on its platform. DocuSign Notary will allow documents to be notarized while all parties are remote and is expected to be out in beta later this year.

In an interview with TechRepublic’s sister site ZDNet, DocuSign CEO Dan Springer said that the company anticipates more and more integrations with other platforms.

“The future is going to be very much that people aren’t going to stop what they’re doing, go log into DocuSign,” Springer said. “They’re going to say, I just want it embedded in those overall business processes, so they don’t even have to think about it.”