Luckily, many in the technology or technology-related fields were able to easily transition to telecommuting. But businesses–some permanently–have shuttered, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For those faced with sheltering, and exhausting Netflix and Hulu watchlists, it might be an ideal time to take an online course to brush-up on or learn an entirely new skill.

Coding Dojo recently introduced online classes designed for those who are looking to improve or polish their skill sets, or for those who decided to take the opportunity to change careers.

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“Many industries are going to be decimated by the COVID-19 crisis, and it’s unclear when or if these industries will fully recover, which leaves potentially millions without a job,” Coding Dojo CEO Richard Wang said. “By using this time to retrain and invest in their future, the American workforce can grow stronger, gain technical proficiency for 21st Century jobs, and become more competitive in the global marketplace.”

Coding Dojo offered part- and full-time online programs, but because people are now isolating to flatten the coronavirus curve, it has launched new online programs to “increase accessibility to technology education for learners with various experience levels, budgets, and schedules.”

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Some new programs for learning new skills

Online part-time flex: This 10-hour-per-week course teaches the full Python programming stack over 28-weeks, and includes live lectures and individualized one-on-one mentorship

Online self-paced: This on-demand class is designed for experienced developers to add to their arsenal of skills, and stacks include Python, Java, MERN and C#/.NET core.

On-site hybrid: This program offers students support and flexibility by pairing them with a dedicated instructor for personalized learning. Students can also attend any of the 10 Coding Dojo campuses (once on-site operations resume).

Part-time data science online: A five-week comprehensive introduction to data science and machine learning in Python. It’s taught by Issac Faber, Ph.D., chief data scientist for the education and collaboration startup MatrixDS.

More online courses will launch soon and will include part-time programs MERN, Java, C#, and iOS. Data science and iOS will be added to the online self-paced program.

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Coding Dojo is a technology education company which offers a three-full-stack computer programming bootcamp. It also offers courses in data science and emerging technologies.

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