Welcome to the inaugural edition of “Tech News You May Have Missed”. This is the beginning of a series where we will recap TechRepublic’s biggest stories of the last week, in case a big story slipped by. From now on, the five most important or impactful news stories of the week will be recapped in this recurring series.

1.  ‘Potentially dangerous’ Office 365 flaw discovered

In this story, Esther Shein digs into Proofpoint’s findings that Microsoft Office 365 has a key vulnerability allowing ransomware to encrypt files on OneDrive and Sharepoint, and why it causes massive security issues for users of the Windows app.

2. 2022 Dark Web prices for cybercriminals services

How much does an outsourced DDoS attack cost? Would you believe it is not that expensive? In this piece, Cedric Pernet explores a report from Privacy Affairs detailing the cost for everything in the Dark Web from stolen Paypal accounts to the value of a physical passport belonging to another person.

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3. Goodbye Internet Explorer. It’s been swell but the swelling’s gone

Internet Explorer’s history has been littered with peaks and valleys, but unfortunately some of IE’s valleys lie below sea level. Jack Wallen looks back on the much maligned browser’s 27-year history and why it was forsaken in favor of Microsoft Edge.

4. The 10 hottest tech jobs for 2022

Jobs in tech remain a hot topic for both employers and potential employees, and in this article Lance Whitney analyzes what each of the top jobs functions are, and gives salary expectations for each role.

5. How to use the iOS 16 Mail features to boost productivity

With iOS 16 releasing this Fall, it is never too early to get a jump on analyzing some of the features of the incoming operating system. Cory Bohon examines the big features coming to iOS 16’s upgraded mail app and what to expect when the operating system hits phones later this year.