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As a project manager, your days are filled with choosing the ideal PM software, keeping projects on track within timeline and budget constraints, communicating with stakeholders, meeting with team members and much more. TechRepublic’s new Project Management Insider newsletter can help make your professional life easier and more productive. This newsletter will feature project management software buyer’s guides, PM software reviews and comparisons, how-to guides, expert leadership advice and training resources.

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Project management software buyer’s guides

Our project management software buyer’s guides help reduce your legwork in this decision-making process. There is a wide range of project management software platforms, from the well-known monday work management to more niche options like Airtable, which our TechRepublic reviewer said is best for granular controls. More examples of our project management software buyer’s guides include:

Project management software reviews

Which project management software is right for you? TechRepublic’s project management software reviews cover pricing, key features, pros and cons, and sometimes, the software is directly compared to one or more competitors in the space. Examples of our project management software reviews include:

How-to project management tutorials

These project management tutorials provide practical tips for project management software, from deployment to day-to-day usage — which you might wind up sharing with your developers or other stakeholders. Examples of our project management tutorials include:

Project management best practices

Everyone needs a refresh on the skills that kick-started their career from time to time, and our project management best practices articles will help keep your critical skills sharp. For newer project managers, these resources can help you learn the foundational project management steps and methodologies you need for your team to succeed. Examples of project management best practices articles include:

Project management training courses

Whether you need to prepare for a project management certification or just want to learn more advanced skills, the training courses from TechRepublic Academy have you covered. For example: