The 10 most valuable tech companies in the world

The US and China dominate the list of the biggest digital companies in 2018, according to

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When considering the world's largest and most valuable companies, many people instinctively turn to the tech sector. Ever since the dot-com boom and growth of the web, technology firms have been known for their massive market caps and ability to disrupt traditional industries.

A public company's market cap (market capitalization) is a measurement of the value of its current outstanding shares. To determine the market cap, you essentially multiply the current stock price by the number of shares outstanding. For today's tech giants, that will get you some pretty large numbers.

To determine the biggest tech companies around today, took a market cap ranking from Forbes and split it up a few different ways to create a unique infographic and report. The US and China have some of the highest-value tech companies on the planet, with many worth hundreds of billions of dollars, the ranking found.

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As noted in the report, here are the 10 most valuable tech companies in the world, and their market caps as of October 2018:

  • Apple: $1.1T
  • $962B
  • Microsoft: $883B
  • Alphabet: $839B
  • Facebook: $460B
  • Alibaba: $412B
  • Tencent Holdings: $383B
  • Samsung Electronics: $297B
  • Cisco Systems: $224B
  • Intel: $222B

For a better look at the full top-50 list, check out the graphic below:


"At first glance, retailing and media appear to be much more evenly distributed than they actually are," the report said. "Consider how Amazon has so dominated the market that its North American competitors are so small, they don't even make it onto the list of top 50 companies. Amazon is so big, there is literally no other company in sight."

While the current market makeup has held steady for a few years, there is a strong possibility that things could soon change. Chinese giants like Alibaba will likely continue to grow, while 5G connectivity could also enable new leaders. Additionally, antitrust regulation could break some of these companies up, the report said.

The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • At $1.1T, Apple has the largest market cap of any tech company currently in the market, according to
  • Antitrust regulation and the growth of 5G wireless could change the modern tech market dramatically.

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