Twenty years after the open source movement began, developers are increasingly contributing to these projects, but employers are expecting even more participation, according to a Friday report from DigitalOcean.

Just over half (55%) of the 4,300 developers surveyed for the report said they are contributing to open source projects. However, 71% said their companies expect them to use open source software as part of their day-to-day development work, the report found.

For the developers who do participate in open source projects, the majority (60%) contribute on the software side, the report found, followed by software maintenance (16%) and filing issues (14%). The top motivation for this participation is improving coding skills, along with being part of a community and learning new technologies, the report found.

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Developers reported that, over the past three years, they have been most excited about open source projects in React.js (468 mentions), Kubernetes (335 mentions), Docker (252 mentions), Linux (240 mentions), and Tensorflow (226 mentions), the report found. The vast majority of developers (97%) said they used GitHub to discover new open source projects to contribute to.

The biggest barriers to developers contributing more to open source projects are not knowing where to get started (45%), feeling like they don’t have the right skills to contribute (44%), and not having time at work to do so (30%), according to the report.

Here are the 10 programming languages developers said they use most for open source projects, according to DigitalOcean:

  1. JavaScript (62%)
  2. Python (52%)
  3. PHP (29%)
  4. Java (28%)
  5. CSS (25%)
  6. C++ (18%)
  7. Go (16%)
  8. C (14%)
  9. C# (10%)
  10. Ruby (9%)

This list largely mirrors other data on the most popular programming languages to learn in general.

The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • 55% of developers said they are contributing to open source projects. — DigitalOcean, 2018
  • The most popular coding languages for open source projects are JavaScript, Python, and PHP. — DigitalOcean, 2018