Top 10 tech companies for women to work in 2019, according to women

These are the best companies for women to work for, based on job satisfaction, equal treatment, and recommendations, according to Fairygodboss.

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Despite advancements in workplace gender equality over the past couple decades, the enterprise still has a long way to go. Men continue to be offered more money for the same role as women 60% of the time, and women are 21% less likely to be promoted than their male coworkers.

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To help women find the most supportive and enjoyable organizations to work for, Fairygodboss—a career community for women—compiled a list of the top tech companies for women. The results are based off of all female employee responses about overall job satisfaction, perceived gender equality at work, and recommendations to other women about working at their employer.

Here are the top 10 best tech organizations for women in 2019:

  1. Ultimate Software (Score: 97.2)
  2. CDW Corporation (Score: 86.1)
  3. AppNexus, a Xandr Company (Score: 84.5)
  4. Facebook (Score: 81.1)
  5. IBM (Score: 80.8)
  6. Dell (Score: 77.1)
  7. Cisco (Score: 75.8)
  8. Salesforce (Score: 74.4)
  9. Intuit (Score: 73.9)
  10. Ericsson (Score: 72.1)

Coming in down further on the list were Apple, LinkedIn, Microsoft, and Google.

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