Monitors are getting bigger, and more specifically, wider. Do you need all that real estate? You just might.

Here are five reasons to use a widescreen monitor:

1. A glance is faster than a click.

If you have to bring a window forward it slows you down and over time can eat into how well you’re getting things done.

2. The Windows start screen actually becomes useful.

All those tiles make sense in a nice wide screen where a start menu can be tiny and hard to see.

3. Games and movies look great.

I mean, that video presentation you’ve been working on looks great. But also games and movies. Which are essential to refreshing your productivity.

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4. It’s more flexible.

With one big widescreen you can emulate two or four separate monitors or even do picture in picture, whatever fits the project you’re working on at the time best. With physically separate monitors that’s problematic.

5. It cuts down on hardware.

Instead of couple 20-inch monitors you might find a 34-inch monitor gives you all; the viewing space you need! Plus, it may be easier not having that gap between two monitors.

Now that you see the big picture, put those old 20-inchers up for auction and use the proceeds to join the expansive life of the widescreen monitor.

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