The COVID-19 pandemic moved a lot of people into remote work and online shopping, and even as lockdowns slowly ease, new patterns of behavior are emerging. Is your business ready to bounce back with the rest of the world?

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Here are five tech tips for post-pandemic business.

  1. Use your data efficiently and wisely. Don’t over-collect, and always get permission, but once you have properly collected data, use it. Find out what your customers want, what they don’t want and how you can better get them what they need.
  2. Get flexible about payments. Your business isn’t bouncing back exactly at the same pace as everyone else’s, and neither are your customers. In addition to buy-now-pay-later services, you should also investigate other alternate payment options that make it easy for your customers to buy what they need from you and keep you getting paid.
  3. Bust fraud. There are no more excuses. There is no more security through obscurity. Businesses need to actively secure and proactively protect their customers’ data and accounts.
  4. Consider the omnichannel. Customers definitely want to shop online now, but as they feel safe heading back to stores, they want options. Are you set up on the front and back end to let someone order online and pick up in store? Or order online and try out in store? Or order in store and deliver to home?
  5. Don’t try to go alone. There are a lot of trusted partners you can access for help running the more complex business you may have to develop. Whether it’s backend work, accounting, marketing or more, find a partner that lets you focus on what you do best.

“Unprecedented times” doesn’t even half explain it, right? But with a few of these tips, you may just navigate the choppy waters a little easier.

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