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COVID-19 decimated, along with the obvious, many businesses and jobs. Fortunately, for those skilled workers in the tech industry, there’s been considerably less of a negative impact. Throughout the lockdown, tech jobs were either steady or, even occasionally, on the rise.

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The popular work marketplace website Upwork took a deep dive into the world of freelance tech pros and came up with the current most in-demand skills. The site also noted that 51% of hiring managers plan to hire tech talent this year. This signifies the important role independent tech professionals have in the industry. It also is very good news for those who possess these skills and provides a great set of tips on what skills aspiring tech pros should be focusing on.

Upwork compiled its top 15 most in-demand skills for independent web, mobile, and software developers by analyzing gross services by volume on from April 1, 2020 to Sept 30, 2020. JavaScript, CSS, and HTML top the list of in-demand skills.

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Despite the strain the pandemic leveled onto the country’s economy, remote tech professionals have developed into a different kind of essential worker, Upwork found. The following 15 skills are highly sought-after, with a good deal of potential to steer careers, develop their businesses, build their CVs further, and to work on critical technical projects for worldwide business leaders.

Upwork’s top 15 most in-demand tech skills:

  1. JavaScript
  2. CSS
  3. HTML
  4. Website Development
  5. PHP
  6. API Development
  7. WordPress
  8. HTML5
  9. Web Design
  10. Python
  11. Web Application
  12. API Integration
  13. jQuery
  14. MySQL
  15. React

“Technology is evolving rapidly and companies must adapt to stay ahead,” said Mike Paylor, Upwork’s vice president of engineering & product, in a press release.

“This means building a virtual talent bench that can contribute diverse skills and deep knowledge to solving highly technical problems,” Paylor added.

From JavaScript, to Python and HTML, these highly sought-after skills also show there is opportunity for independent professionals to build their businesses and valuable relationships with high-quality clients from around the world, he added.