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When you think of project management tools, most likely what comes to mind are software development projects, agile development and similar business-related efforts. That makes sense — so many project management platforms are geared specifically for those purposes.

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But not all project management tools are created equal, and some of them include features for non-software-related project management. Take, for example, monday work management, which consists of several options for projects that have nothing to do with software development. These options can assist with creative projects, or they could creatively bolster your software development projects. From the very beginning of your creative project to the completion of it, monday work management centralizes the creative workflow so you team has access to all tasks and requests in a single location. Consider it the project management workflow for creative projects. This is important when you have both a creative and non-creative process for a single project.

Consider this: Not every aspect of software development is about coding. For example, maybe your company creates games, a CMS tool, plugins for WordPress or an eCommerce solution. If it has a front-end component, you’ll need graphic designers to create the user interface elements. Video games are another obvious example, as they rely heavily on graphic design. It’s not only the in-game elements. You need marketing material, which leans heavily into graphics but also on words that are driven by creativity.

Creating those assets takes a lot of work, and the bigger the project, the more graphics you’ll need. With that in mind, why wouldn’t you include your art department in your project management platform?

What are “creatives” in project management?

“Creatives” are the tangible result of creative behavior and thinking. That could even include code, because many programmers are very creative. It could also mean images, videos, audio, documents — pretty much anything that comes from creative effort.

Most creatives projects do the following:

  • Ask or answer essential questions with creative thinking
  • Require collaboration
  • Not require a name to know who created it
  • Include original, unique artwork and/or design
  • Demonstrate a passion for the project

Not everyone is creative, but everyone can think creatively if given the opportunity. The important thing is that creative projects tend to venture beyond the normal way of thinking, working and producing. No matter the results, a creative project can be a boon for a team’s productivity and morale, and it might well be a necessity for your company.

In other words, your business could probably use an injection of creativity.

Create a creative projects board in monday work management

monday work management makes it very easy to create a board for your creatives projects. To create such a project, you’ll need a valid monday work management account. You can use either the free or paid plan, as creatives are available for both.

Log in to your monday work management account and open the Workspace you want to contain the new creative project. From there, click Add | New Board (Figure A).

Figure A

Creating a new board on monday work management.
Creating a new board on monday work management.

In the resulting pop-up (Figure B), give the new board a name, select the privacy for the board and make sure to select Creatives. When you’ve finished, click Create Board.

Figure B

Configuring your first creatives board on monday work management.
Configuring your first creatives board on monday work management.

Your new creatives board will act as a hub where developers, designers and others can submit, manage and complete all creatives requests. That means your developers can submit a creative request to the designers to create a piece of artwork to fulfill a particular need for a project.

Those developers would have their project board, but they should have permission to view and submit to the creatives board. So too should your PR, marketing and HR departments. This new board (Figure C), acts like a regular project management board, but it’s geared toward creatives projects by allowing you to easily attach files, attach multiple statuses to a task, connect other boards, and separate the creative and non-creative workflows so its much easier to know how each side of the project is moving along.

Figure C

A brand new monday work management creative board is ready to go.
A brand new monday work management creative board is ready to go.

More important than you know

It might seem counter to how you’ve been managing your projects to date, but a creatives board can be incredibly helpful for business. Nearly every effort you make will require creatives, so why not give your teams the ability to manage those elements seamlessly and in a collaborative way?

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