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Data scientists are among the top 10 professionals to see increased salaries in the past year. So, if you’ve been thinking about trying to break into a new highly paid field in the tech industry, that could be a smart place to begin, especially since you can start training at your own pace with “The Modern Web Development & MySQL Programming Bundle.”

If you are a complete novice, the “Microsoft SQL Server Development for Everyone” course will get you up to speed on the basics of database design, development and querying. Next, the “Modern PHP Web Development with MySQL, GitHub & Heroku” class will be a good follow-up. You’ll learn how to create data-driven web apps with PHP and MySQL, then deploy and manage them with Heroku and GitHub.

The “C# Console & Windows Forms Development with LINQ and ADO.NET” and “Modern Web Development with Blazor & .NET Core 5” courses are enormously popular with former students, who rated both of them an average of 4.7 out of 5 stars. Instructor Trevoir Williams is a software engineer who has taught database, web and software development classes for more than a decade.

The “Ultimate ASP.NET 5 Web API Development Guide” rounds out the bundle of courses that contain 47 hours of content. The skills you’ll learn in MySQL, PHP, GitHub, .NET, Blazor, Heroku and more will be enough to master these programming languages and help kickstart a great new career in IT.

This opportunity allows you to train at your own pace without having to take time away from your day job. You can get “The Modern Web Development & MySQL Programming Bundle” today, while it’s available at the discounted price of $20 (regular price is $1,000).

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