Marketing has historically been a top focus for organizations, with most companies allocating 7% to 12% of their gross revenues to marketing activities. Although marketing budgets appear to be decreasing due to the impact of COVID-19, marketing technology and digital channels are two areas of spend that may enjoy growth. As companies get focused on making every dollar count, these artificial intelligence (AI) tools are changing how some teams market within their niches.


Image: AutoLeadStar

AutoLeadStar is using its AI-powered, customer-centric marketing and sales technology to change the way auto dealerships market. Their technology mimics the buyer’s real-life behavior, at scale. AutoLeadStar is like a Shopify/Hubspot hybrid for car dealers; its AI generates hyper-targeted multiple channel marketing campaigns from the dealership’s database—which includes search, display, social, and websites.

Key features:

  • Publishing of multiple versions of each VIN-level ad, to reach different buyers
  • Create, modify, run, and optimize ads in seconds—24/7
  • Target shoppers based on their online behavior to successfully match buyers
  • Customize and adapt messages to the buyer’s behavioral patterns online—in real-time on the website and in follow-up engagement

Contact AutoLeadStar for pricing.


Image: Lumen5

Lumen5 is a video creation tool that uses AI technology to summarize and convert existing content that you’ve created, such as blog posts, articles, or just some notes, into a short slideshow-type video that you can use for marketing. This tool is not industry-specific, and companies or individuals can add music, images, and logos to match their brands. Lumen5 is impactful, easy to use, and takes minutes to upload content, create videos, customize, and share through websites and social media. 

Key features:

  • Access hundreds of themes, colors, fonts, and more
  • Access to a media library with millions of photos, video clips, and audio files
  • Access to brand presets and voiceover features or record your own voice 
  • Automated fetch capabilities that populate storyboards when adding links  

Lumen5 offers five monthly subscription plans, based on annual billing; a free Community plan, Creator at $11/month, Premium at $59/month, Business at $149/month, and the Enterprise plan—contact Lumen5 about Enterprise pricing.  


Image: Yotpo

Yotpo is an e-commerce marketing tool that uses deep learning technology to assess customer reviews of products. It identifies the topics customers are talking about and their feelings toward each item. Yotpo uses an AI engine to gather relevant reviews from buyers and displays them to new shoppers to increase conversion rates.

Key features:

  • Analyzes customer comments and feelings about products to improve products
  • Predicts buyer behavior to increase sales
  • Integrates with e-commerce platforms, such as BigCommerce, Magento, and Shopify
  • Designs customizable brand loyalty programs  

Yotpo offers a free plan and a premium plan. Contact Yotpo for pricing.


Image: Acquisio

Acquisio focuses on social media ad spending for marketing agencies and local pay-per-click (PPC) resellers. It simplifies complex PPC management across all the social media platforms by using more than 30 AI and machine learning algorithms to optimize every dollar spent on advertising. Its algorithms gather and analyze data across multiple advertising platforms day and night to optimize spending and increase clicks or conversions.

Key features:

  • Advertising templates for each social media platform 
  • Budget distribution for ad display on different search engines
  • Ad-builder dashboard for centralized creation and editing of ads across multiple files  
  • A simplified user interface for fine-tuning algorithms according to customers needs

Contact Acquisio for marketing agency and PPC reseller pricing.