The speed at which virtual reality is moving makes it a challenge to keep up. One option is to add a VR presence to your Twitter feed by following both people and organizations doing interesting things from news, to commentary, to multimedia from various events.

Here are 15 Twitter accounts relating virtual reality to follow.


A good source for new and different uses of VR is University of Southern California’s Institute for Creative Technologies. They tweet about work they’re doing, interesting stories about VR, and recently, quite a bit about the role VR is playing in therapy.

2. JanusVR : @officialjanusVR

Imagine the internet is a place and web pages are portals. JanusVR dips into this idea — an “immersive, collaborative, multi-dimensional internet” inspired by Neal Stephenson’s novel Snow Crash. JanusVR doesn’t tweet much (the retweets are actually more helpful in terms of seeing examples of JanusVR), so it’s low commitment on your end, but it’s worth keeping an eye on the very early work of bringing the internet to VR, or vice versa.

3. Jaunt : @jauntVR

Jaunt specializes in cinematic VR experiences, and because of that, they tend to tweet about VR innovation and storytelling.

4. Oculus : @Oculus

Oculus is, indeed, the big gorilla in the room right now. Their Twitter account is worth following as they not only tweet out their latest announcements, but pics and videos of games and demos, and of course, happenings from conferences or wherever they are.

5. Helen Papagiannis : @ARstories

For some contrast, Helen Papagiannis, who is a PhD and leading expert in augmented reality, tweets about AR and from time to time, the intersections between AR and VR.

6. SVVR : @SVVR2015

The Silicon Valley Virtual Reality MeetUp group is one of the bigger ones in the country, and even has its own conference this May. If you can’t catch one of the meetings, you can keep up via Twitter.

7. Kent Bye : @kentbye

Kent Bye hosts the podcast Voices of VR. It’s been running for about a year and features various people in the industry talking not just about VR for gaming, but also for business and recent developments. Bye tweets about the podcast, conferences, and also other pieces of VR news and analysis.

8. Tony Parisi : @auradeluxe

Tony Parisi has been working in virtual reality and 3D computer software for a few decades, but his tweets tend to be more forward-looking.

9. Liv Erickson : @misslivirose

Erickson is an AR/VR evangelist and developer for Microsoft. She tweets almost exclusively about VR, and what’s more, VR that she’s excited about. Also check out her blog The Matrix is My Office.

10. Johnson Space Center’s VR Lab : @vr_doug

NASA’s been using virtual reality for 20 years to train astronauts for spacewalks. Keep up with their work via Twitter. You can even catch cool pictures like astronauts doing VR training aboard the International Space Station. For the full scoop on the VR lab, check out our in-depth feature.

11. Chris Milk : @milk

Chris Milk doesn’t tweet a lot, but this filmmaker is doing some great things with VR, like his VR production company Vrse. If you’re new to VR, “Evolution of Vrse” is a mirthful introduction to the medium.

12. Cymatic Bruce : @CymaticBruce

Cymatic Bruce, who co-founded the Silicon Valley Virtual Reality meetup group (SVVR) and is currently with social app AltspaceVR, is definitely a prominent figure in the VR community. He uses his Twitter account to bring followers in with him.

13. Helen Situ : @HelenSitu

Helen runs NextVR’s Twitter account and is their evangelist. Lately, she’s tweeted a lot about the CNN democratic debate, which was streamed in VR via NextVR.

14. Rothenberg Ventures : @RothenbergVentures

Rothenberg Ventures has a VR startup accelerator called River. Follow along to keep up with some of the up and coming VR companies gaining traction, and also a solid curation of VR happenings.

15. Convrge : @Convrge

If you’re interested in the social aspects of VR, Convrge is a great VR community to dive into. One way to stay on top of their various meetings and events, both in VR and otherwise, is through their Twitter account. And, if you want to know more about them, check out our profile on Convrge.

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