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Zoom and Amazon announced on Tuesday that it will be easier than ever to book a meeting with the addition of Alexa for Business added to Zoom Rooms’ appliances. Users can set up Alexa for Business on Zoom Rooms and then use voice commands to ask Alexa to join meetings or book rooms.

Zoom Rooms differs from Zoom Meetings in that Zoom Rooms uses physical A/V hardware to enable meetings and rates start at $49/month for users. It’s basically Zoom on a larger scale. A Zoom Rooms user can push a single button to start a session using Zoom Meetings. Anyone who uses just Zoom Meetings installs Zoom’s free video conferencing software for Windows, macOS, Linux and mobile devices that run iOS or Android. There is no physical hardware that requires an additional purchase.

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The integration of Alexa for Business into the Zoom Management Portal means that common Alexa voice commands will work with Zoom Rooms. Users can start, stop and mute Zoom Rooms hands-free by using natural language such as, “Alexa, find me an available room for an hour” or, “Alexa, start my meeting.”

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This feature will allow for a safer environment as companies bring employees back to the office. It’s likely that huddle rooms, meeting rooms and conference rooms will need to be video-enabled and offer touch-free options in the new normal. Voice AI through Alexa is a new way for meetings to be set up and managed and limit contact.

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Zoom Rooms appliances with built-in Alexa for Business is available starting on Tuesday, and the update includes Zoom Room appliances manufactured by DTEN, Neat, Logitech and Poly, according to the press release.