BlackBerry and AWS combine forces to create edge-to-cloud platform for automakers

Tech companies announce at CES that QNX will be the OS and Amazon's IoT Services will provide connectivity for data collection and software updates.

CES 2020: The trends and tech business pros should care about

At CES 2020, Amazon Web Services and BlackBerry announced a new partnership designed to make it easier for automakers to build and manage cars that are increasingly run by software.

The connected vehicle software platform will integrate the BlackBerry QNX operating system and over-the-air software update services, with AWS IoT cloud services for secure connectivity and telematics. 

QNX software allows automotive OEMs to run a common software platform across in-vehicle systems such as gateways, TCUs, engine controllers, and digital cockpits. Automakers can use this new platform to provide personalized features such as:

  • Cockpit personalization
  • Vehicle acoustic conditioning
  • Vehicle health monitoring 
  • Advanced driver assistance systems   

Car companies can also use this platform in electric cars to monitor battery life and provide software updates.

With AWS connectivity, automotive software developers can collect data from vehicle sensors, build software applications and machine learning models using vehicle data and then deploy the models inside the vehicle to enable in-vehicle inference and actions.

The platform uses Amazon SageMaker for developing ML models and AWS IoT edge services for in-vehicle ML inference.

"By combining our technologies and strengths into one dedicated cloud-based offering, we can ensure automakers have the tools they need to deliver the driving experience consumers want, without sacrificing on the security and reliability they need," said John Wall, senior vice president and co-head of BlackBerry Technology Solutions in a press release.

Bill Vass, vice president of technology at Amazon Web Services said the software platform provides secure connectivity and advanced edge computing capabilities for the next-generation of electric and autonomous vehicles.

"Our automotive customers are developing exciting new products and services that rely on the power of the cloud, IoT, and AI/ML," he said.

At CES 2020, BlackBerry also announced a partnership with Damon Motorcycles that uses QNX in crash prediction component of the OS of a new limited-edition superbike, the Hypersport Pro.

BlackBerry is also working with Renovo to power an advanced driver assistance system that integrates QNX with Renovo's intelligent automotive data platform.

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BlackBerry's QNX operating system complies with ISO 26262, the dominant international safety standard for cars for systems such as advanced driver assistance systems and digital instrument clusters.

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