Image: Mozilla

For the longest time, I never bothered with bookmarks on mobile browsers; most mobile browsers did a pretty poor job of presenting bookmarks for users. They tended to be poorly designed and a mess to navigate. However, when Mozilla introduced Collections to the Firefox browser, that all changed.

With Collections, it’s possible to create a set of categorized bookmarks that are very easy to navigate and use. So much so, that it’s having me second-guessing my choice of Opera as my mobile browser of choice.

Indeed, Mozilla has finally created a mobile bookmarks feature that makes sense.

The only thing about Firefox Collections is that it’s a bit hidden out of sight–there’s no obvious way to create your first collection. The good news is, once you see how it’s done, it’s incredibly easy.

I’m going to unmask that confusion, so you can set about creating Firefox Mobile Collections and finally have a bookmark system that makes sense on your mobile device.

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What you’ll need

The only thing you’ll need is an updated version of Firefox installed on your mobile device. This can be on either Android or iOS.

How to create your first collection

As I said, you won’t find a button or menu option in the Firefox tab interface or regular menu. What you need to do is first visit a site you want to add to a collection. Say you want to create a collection called “Tech.” Visit the TechRepublic website (for example) in Firefox mobile and then tap the menu button and then click Save To Collection (Figure A).

Figure A

Saving the TechRepublic site to a Firefox Collection.

In the resulting popup, tap +Add New Collection (Figure B).

Figure B

Adding a new collection to Firefox mobile.

Give the new collection a name (in our example, “Tech”) and tap the checkmark to save it (Figure C).

Figure C

Here you can name your new collection anything you like.

Your collection has been created and is ready to use. If you go to the Firefox Tab page, you’ll see the new collection. Tap the collection name to expand it and reveal all of the sites contained within (Figure D).

Figure D

We only have one site added to our new collection.

To add more sites to a collection, visit the website in question and then add it in the same way you did the first–only this time you’ll tap the Tech Collection and not Add New Collection.

And that’s all there is to using Firefox Collections. Once you get your Collections created, you’ll find this to be, hands down, the best mobile bookmark system available (so much so, you might wind up making Firefox your default browser).

Enjoy that handy new bookmark system–one that actually makes sense.

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