Google Calendar is getting a makeover and a set of new features, all with office efficiency in mind.

New features, unveiled in a blog post on Tuesday, will allow users to manage multiple schedules without scrolling, enter conference room details, and use rich text formatting in event descriptions. G Suite administrators can enable the new features for the web version today.

The calendar’s look will be updated, switching to a more modern color scheme and sleek interface derived from the calendar app, according to the blog post. The calendar will also auto-adjust to fit the size of your screen.

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For offices and business leaders who use Google Calendar, the new features will do what they’re designed to do: Increase efficiency. The features will help streamline daily tasks like meeting planning, freeing up time to do other things.

Admins can now add details about conference rooms, including size, the room’s equipment, and its location, the post said, making booking conference rooms more streamlined and preventing any last minute hiccups. Users can hover over a room option during the booking process to see any details.

Rich text formatting and hyperlinks in event description fields can be used to create clear agendas where everything is available to everyone in one spot, the post said. This can cut down on emails and delays due to trying to locate a document, for example.

And the new “day” view allows anyone juggling multiple calendars to see all of their calendars side-by-side without scrolling. To access this feature, click the “day” button and select the calendars you want to show. This will be helpful for employees scheduling things for multiple people or using separate work and personal calendars at the same time.

Other features help with the smaller components of scheduling meetings. Calendars can be shared with others, much like sharing a doc. Participants can grab other meeting attendees’ contact information by hovering over their name in the invite as well. There’s also a way to restore deleted meeting invites.

The 3 big takeaways for TechRepublic readers

  1. G Suite introduced a set of new features for Google Calendar to make scheduling and preparing for meetings easier.
  2. Along with a makeover, the calendar will support conference room details, rich text formatting in event descriptions, and a multiple calendar view.
  3. The features will streamline the entire meeting process, reducing hiccups and increasing efficiency.

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