With cloud computing essentially replacing the traditional data center, companies are facing increasing demands for new talent who can manage cloud migrations. However the right candidates are often difficult to find, according to Thursday Google blog post. Some 94% of IT managers said they found it at least “somewhat difficult” find individuals with the correct cloud tech skills, according to a recent OpsRamp report.

This cloud skills gap is a “full-blown crisis,” the report noted. To mitigate this crisis, Google announced four new role-based certifications to help businesses locate qualified cloud talent, according to the post.

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Google announced the following four new certifications to the Google Cloud Certified portfolio:

Google chose these specific certifications because they reflect the core loud job roles every business should have, said the post. To effectively transition to the cloud, organizations must have strong collaboration across teams, particularly with team members who are responsible for designing and securing infrastructure, building applications, and connecting data, Google noted in the post.

Additionally, Google outlined some of its latest additions to its training catalogue, which are all focused on the cloud. Job listings mentioning “Google Cloud” as a preferred skill increased 1,082% over the past few years, according to Indeed. With this fact in mind, Google added the following resources to its training portfolio:

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The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • To mitigate the cloud tech skills gap, Google added four new certifications to its Google Cloud Certified portfolio. — Google, 2019
  • The new certifications reflect the most important roles necessary for a business integrating the cloud. — Google, 2019