Firefox Quantum is all the rage at the moment. And with good reason. It renders pages faster and is more flexible than the competition, and no longer suffers from bloat. All of that comes together to make for an amazing browser experience. If you’re still not sold, what if I told you Firefox had the ability to automatically sync things like bookmarks, passwords, open tabs, and to even send currently open tabs to your other devices? Now we’re talking, right? But what is this mysterious feature? It’s called, aptly enough, a Firefox Account, and anyone using Firefox should take advantage of this feature. Not only does it make switching from device to device easier, it allows you to more easily set up a new instance of Firefox, complete with all of your information, add-ons, and preferences by simply logging into your account.

How do you do this? It’s very easy. Open Firefox. Once the window has appeared on your screen, click on the menu button in the upper right corner. Click Sign in to Sync. In the resulting page, if you don’t already have a Firefox account, click Don’t have an account? Get started and fill out the necessary information. If you do already have an account, click Sign In and enter your account credentials.

Once you’ve signed in, you can then go back to the Firefox menu and click your Firefox Account name at the top. In the resulting window, you’ll see the Sync setting options available to enable or disable. It’s as simple as that. Sign in with every instance of Firefox you use, on your machines, of course, to keep all the things in sync and ready to use.