It never fails: I’m doing research for something and a search takes me to a site for which I’ve never been. The second the page loads, a popup appears asking me if I want to allow notifications for the site to be displayed. Of course I don’t want notifications to be displayed for this site. Better yet, I don’t want to be asked every time I visit a new site (or a site I haven’t given the virtual “thumbs down” to notifications), if I want to receive notifications. That gets really annoying.

Fortunately, the developers of Firefox have seen to it to include an option to turn off those requests. I’m going to show you how to disable this “feature,” Strangely enough, the option is tucked away such that it’s hard to find. Fortunately, I found it.

Open up Firefox, click on the menu button, and click preferences. In the resulting window, type notifications in the search area. Click on the Settings button associated with Notifications. Click the check box for Block new requests asking to allow notifications. That’s all there is to it. No need to even restart Firefox. At this point, no website will ask if you want to allow notifications. You can browse without interruption. If you visit a lot of sites during your workday, clicking “no” for those interruptions can be a real time waster. Now you don’t have to concern yourself with that extra click. Enjoy a more efficient Firefox experience.